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                                                                    Served with Artisan Bread

8oz 16oz        
Soup of the Day
$4.00 $7.50      


Our Own All Natural Beef Hot Dog $4.00
w/ Chili & Cheese $6.00

                                                                    Served with House Made Dressings

+protein (chicken/beef)

Roasted Beet made with apples, goat cheese, greens, bacon and Horseradish Vinegrette $8.00 $12.00
Spinach made with strawberry, goat cheese, candied walnuts and balsalmic $8.00 $12.00
Farmhouse Vegetable made with greens, tomato, cucumber, peppers, red onion, spinach
$7.00 $12.00
Simple Summer made with greens, tomato, cucumber, onion $7.50 $11.50

                                                    Served with Homemade Fries or Chips on Brioche Roll

French Dip made with slow roasted beef $9.50
Chicken Salad roll/wrap with celery and grapes $8.50
Garden Veggie Wrap made with hummus & fresh vegetables
The Club chicken/beef with bacon, lettuce, tomato and aioli $9.50
Classic BLT made with lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayo on brioche
Spicy Beef made with guacamole, salsa & provolone wrap
Simple Grilled Chicken
Bacon Egg Cheese breakfast sandwich (served 10am-12pm)
Chicken Tenders with honey mustard & fries

                                       Gourmet Burgers
                                                  Served with House Made Fries or Chips on Brioche Roll

5oz. 10oz (2x Patty)
Classic Burger lightly seasoned with lettuce, tomato, onion
$7.25 $9.75
Patty Melt  Havarti, carmelized onions on specialty bread
$7.95 $10.45
Breakfast Burger with bacon, egg, cheese and spicy aioli
$7.95 $10.45
Blue Blitz Burger bacon, bluecheese and carmelized onions
$7.95 $10.45


Fresh Made French Fries, Potato Chips $3.50
Tidewater Slaw $3.00
Potato, or Macaroni $3.50

                                      For the Kids
                                                        served with carrots and sliced apples

Grilled Cheese $4.75
Mac & 3 Cheese $4.75
Chicken Tenders w/ honey mustard, carrots & apple slices $4.75
Mini-Grilled Chicken $4.75


Coffee 12oz. $2.00
Coke, Diet, Sprite, Pink Lemonade, Water 20oz. $1.50
Sweetened, Diet or Raspberry Tea 20oz. $2.00

Featuring Black Angus beef for our own farm.

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